Freezie Cooking Wrap-Up

Posted by Katie Cooks On Thursday, March 10, 2011 0 comments

I know I promised I would do a post after our cooking day. I know it has been two weeks. I have no excuse. Please forgive me!

I would like to introduce you to some of our Freezie Cooking members.

Me (Katie)
Cheryl was also present, but she left before I pulled out the camera (if only everyone had been so lucky!)

Notice my cute penguin apron. Kim (another one of our cooks), who could not make it, embroidered it. I love it!

Miranda and I started cooking around 8:30 am and the group finished by 3:15. We are getting good.

So far, Miles and I have had the kabobs, which were good, but the only freezer prep needed was cubing and marinating the meat. We also ate some of our chili pepper burgers last night for dinner. These had tons of flavor. The green onions and green chillies made these burgers extra tasty. I will let you know how the rest of the food is as we eat it. I will also try to post some pictures of the prepared food.

I know I owe you recipes. Baby is waking up, so those will have to wait until another day. See you soon!

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