A 90th Birthday Worth a Million Bucks!

Posted by Katie Cooks On Monday, March 8, 2010 5 comments
In honor of my grandma's 90th birthday (3/1/10), my mom arranged for the family to go back to grandma's  hometown of New Prague, MN. We all enjoyed a delicious Czechoslovakian lunch at Schumacher's Hotel and Grill 212, which was just reopened last September by the renowned MN chef, John Schumacher.

What an experience! My grandma's mother used to cook at the hotel when my grandma was young, so it was a chance for my grandma to share some of those memories. Chef Schumacher invited us back to see the kitchen after lunch. He spent time listening to my grandma share her story, and talking with the rest of us about growing up in New Prague, owing my grandmother's childhood home, attending Dunwoody College after high school (my sister and her fiance both went there), and showing us around the kitchen. As my dad put it, "That was worth about a million bucks!"
Happy 90th Birthday, Grandma! We love you!

5 comments to A 90th Birthday Worth a Million Bucks!

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    Karen Davidson Katie:

    What a nice entry. It really was a special day, and a good time was had by all!

    The turkey burgers sound yummy too!

    Love ya,


  1. says:

    Katie Cooks It was a very nice time.

    The turkey burgers were good. Thanks for reading!

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    larry.davidson Great Job putting this very special day for all to see and share.

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    Anonymous What a delight seeing this celebration! As Miles knows, Chef John hosted the Tom and Kay engagement party. That Cady and McGirr celebration was 34 years ago. I love all of our family ties. Happy Birthday to Grandma. Kay

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    Katie Cooks I didn't know he hosted your engagement party. Miles just thought you knew him through the fair. How cool is that?!

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